SaveFast Technologies and Connected Safety Net Celebrate Success of Groundbreaking Safety Compliance Platform in Dubai

DUBAI, July 2023 – SaveFast Technologies, in collaboration with Connected Safety Net, is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its new technology platform in Dubai. This joint venture combines the expertise of SaveFast Training Academy, a leading provider of worldclass training services, with the cutting-edge technology solutions of Connected Safety Net, a global leader in workplace safety, claims, and risk management based in London, UK. Together, they have created a groundbreaking safety compliance platform that is transforming workplace safety across the UAE.

SaveFast Technologies’ platform is designed to help companies revolutionise their safety compliance processes through digitisation and automation. By embracing this transformative technology, businesses can streamline compliance management and foster a safety-first culture that prioritises the well-being of their workforce.

A remarkable success storey that highlights the platform’s impact is demonstrated through our customer Dulsco Group, an integrated solutions provider of People, Environment, Talent and Energy Recruitment. Dulsco Group recognised the opportunity presented by SaveFast Technologies and implemented as part of their digital transformation to automate compliance management and instill a safety-first culture throughout their operations. With this partnership Dulsco Group further enhances its commitment to safety and sustainability, ensuring a safer work environment for their employees.

Mania Hossaini, CEO of SaveFast Training Academy, expressed pride in their achievements, stating, “We are honoured to be a market leader across the Middle East in delivering world-class training services. The success of our partnership with Dulsco, a major leader in operational service excellence, demonstrates how our technology partner, SaveFast technologies, has transformed the digital landscape of safety and compliance management.”

Antony Marke, Chief Operating Officer, Dulsco People, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “At Dulsco, innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Embracing SaveFast Technologies’ advanced solutions has allowed us to maintain a safety-first culture that keeps our clients and people connected to our core values. This partnership has enabled us to lead the region with an unwavering focus on safety and operational efficiency.”

Paul Richardson, Director at Connected Safety Net, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, saying, “Working with Dulsco on this incredible journey has allowed us to collaborate with industry leaders to bring about a true transformation in safety processes. Dulsco’s commitment to safety and compliance management, as well as their focus on sustainability and operational efficiency, align perfectly with our mission to eliminate accidents and save lives while optimising business outcomes.”

The success of SaveFast Technologies’ platform in collaboration with Connected Safety Net is a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in driving positive change in workplace safety. The transformative impact of this joint venture has set new benchmarks for safety compliance processes and created a safer and more secure working environment across the UAE.

About SaveFast Technologies: SaveFast Technologies is a joint venture with Connected Safety Net, offering a transformative safety compliance platform in Dubai. It combines the expertise of SaveFast Training Academy with Connected Safety Net’s cutting-edge technology solutions to help companies embrace digitisation and automation for streamlined safety compliance processes.

About Connected Safety Net: Connected Safety Net is a global leader in workplace safety, claims, and risk management, providing innovative technology solutions that replace paper forms and accident books. Their cloud-based platform and mobile app enable companies to achieve compliance, prevent accidents, and enhance overall safety in workplaces and on roads.

About Dulsco: Dulsco Group is a UAE-born integrated solutions provider with a portfolio of businesses comprising: Dulsco Environment, Dulsco People, Parisima and Advance Global Recruitment (AGR).
Launched in 1935 as a workforce solutions provider, Dulsco has evolved to become a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions and Energy Recruitment Solutions servicing over 3,500 clients across a range of sectors.

About SaveFast Training Academy: SaveFast Training Academy is a leading training provider with over 10 years of experience, offering courses in Fire Safety, Health & Safety, Food Safety, First Aid, Medical Courses, NEBOSH, and IOSH. Their expert-designed courses are delivered by experienced trainers with a wealth of industry knowledge.