Empower your workforce

Let your personnel self-organise their time off and working schedule, whilst giving them visibility of available shifts across the business – to let them directly apply for extra work.

Our AI learns your business rules and monitors data to automate scheduling, so people can focus on the tasks that bring value to the business.

image showing workflow app on mobile
Screenshot of the app on desktop

Give managers more visibility

With intelligent configurations in the app, managers don’t need to worry – they can simply focus on the requirements for the job. The workforce will apply for shifts and the AI will fairly fill in the gaps with the right people for the task.

Access real-time labour and overtime spend, and enable your managers to make more proactive decisions based on productivity and demand.



AI ensures that you always have the right resource just when you need it.

Real-time personnel updates & analysis so you can keep tabs on your business any time.

Fairness system ensures all shifts are allocated equally.

All requests are automatically reviewed, awarding cover to the right candidate.

Enhanced AI has proven to increase business efficiency and reduce costs.