Revolutionising Workplace Safety | Connected Safety Net and Berry Bros. & Rudd Celebrate 18-Month Partnership.

London, 31st August 2023 – Connected Safety Net, the leading provider of an intuitive software solution for automated safety compliance, is thrilled to announce an extended 18-month contract with Berry Bros. & Rudd, Britain’s oldest fine wine and spirits merchant. This partnership marks an incredible journey of collaboration and innovation in the realm of workplace safety, as both companies have successfully implemented and deployed the transformative safety compliance solution over the past 12 months.
Berry Bros. & Rudd, with its rich history dating back to 1698, has always been at the forefront of excellence in its industry. Today, the company holds two Royal Warrants, a testament to their commitment to quality and service. With offices in London, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Berry Bros. & Rudd continues to thrive as a global leader in the wine and spirits trade.
Connected Safety Net’s innovative solution has enabled Berry Bros. & Rudd to digitise their complete end-to­end workplace safety processes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach to safety compliance. By embracing this digital transformation, Berry Bros. & Rudd has created a safety culture that fosters ownership and engagement among their workforce.
Paul Richardson, Managing Director of Connected Safety Net, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to have been awarded an 18-month contract with Berry Bros. & Rudd. This partnership has been an incredible journey, and we are proud to work with a company that understands the paramount importance of workplace safety. Throughout the last 12 months, we have optimised our solution to meet the unique demands of their complex supply chain, and together, we have achieved remarkable results.”
 Brian Rendell, Head of Facilities & Compliance at Berry Bros. & Rudd, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with Connected Safety Net has been truly transformative. Through innovation and digitisation, we have modernised our safety processes, leading the market in our commitment to the safety and well-being of our valued employees. The exceptional customer service provided by the Connected Safety Net team has further solidified our belief that we are partnering with a company that shares our core values of quality and care.”

Connected Safety Net’s cloud-based platform and mobile app have empowered Berry Bros. & Rudd to capture critical incident data in real-time, facilitating efficient investigations and action plans. The solution’s intuitive features, such as instant incident reporting, live in-app photos, speech to text and GPS location capture, have proven to be invaluable tools in the pursuit of workplace safety excellence.

Together, Connected Safety Net and Berry Bros. & Rudd have forged a strong and endu_ring partnership that exemplifies the power of innovation and commitment to employee safety. As this collaboration enters an exciting new phase, both companies are eager to continue their shared journey of making workplaces safer and more secure.

About Connected Safety Net: Connected Safety Net is a game-changing Saas solution provider on a mission to make the world a safer place. Their innovative technology replaces paper forms and accident books, offering a cloud-based platform and mobile app to achieve compliance and prevent accidents, incidents, and near-misses in workplaces and on roads.

About Berry Bros. & Rudd: With a history dating back to 1698, Berry Bros. & Rudd is Britain’s oldest fine wine and spirit merchant. Holding two Royal Warrants, the company has established itself as a global leader in the wine and spirits trade, while maintaining a strong commitment to tradition, quality, and customer care.