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On the road or in the workplace

Connected Safety Net is on a mission to make the world a safer place. We design, build, sell, and support innovative technology solutions that replace paper forms and accident books with novel technology solutions to achieve RIDDOR compliance and prevent near-misses, accidents, injury, and incidents on the road or in the workplace.
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RIDDOR reportable injuries occurred on the road or in the workplace
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working people suffering from a new or ongoing work-related illness.



The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 and 2013 (RIDDOR) place a duty on those individuals in control of work premises, employers and the self-employed to record, maintain records and report serious workplace accidents, reportable injuries, occupational diseases, specified dangerous occurrences and near misses.


cloud-based Workplace Safety Management platform

Audits and Incidents; our flagship solutions are a cloud-based Workplace Safety Management platform used by organizations whose management adopt a systematic approach to Occupational Health & Safety programs creating a culture where everyone wants to be safe.

We place health and safety into the hands of employees, contractors, and suppliers




Our simple, intuitive mobile apps and browser software encourage people to report events in real-time, use powerful speech to text to dictate the circumstances of an injury, capture supporting photos and videos into a flash report. Health and Safety directors and their teams may launch an investigation at the scene or their desk, prepare an action plan, track lost time, capture supporting documents and notes, along with the formal RIDDOR Report shared with a government agency and insurance provider as appropriate

What is transformational about our solution

At scene near-miss, accidents, and incidents on mobile phones even with poor signal.

Live in-app photos & videos uploaded and automatically removed once uploaded to the cloud for GDPR compliance.

Innovative speech to text to overcome literacy barriers.

Guided workflow throughout the capture and investigation processes to ensure only the necessary information is captured, but that all information is collected in a standardised way across an organisation.

Automatic GPS location capture for incidents, accidents & near misses captured via the mobile app to improve accuracy of reporting and allow location-driven analysis of the data.

Automated email alerting throughout the process from live capture to investigation at the scene & follow up investigation at desk.

Collaborative plug and play for other innovations, e.g. automated near miss creation within CSN based on data coming from CCTV vision software or proximity sensor data.

Automated action follow-up through email alert notifications when actions are due and overdue.

Provides single digital storage location for all key information and documents relating to an incident, streamlining provision of this information to claims handlers in the event of a claim, which can lead to claims being handled more quickly and efficiently with the potential to reduce the cost of the claim.

Open approach to integrating data with other systems, for example, interfacing CSN data to a clients’ BI tool to enable powerful reporting and analysis combining CSN data with other operational data gathered in other systems