NYHighways have adopted the Connected Safety Net incident reporting app into the operations of the business, becoming the first highways company to do so.

With a focus on safety innovations, the app was a perfect fit for NYHighways and allows employees to quickly and easily report incidents, with functionality to upload pictures, videos, CCTV and audio recordings, while reducing the need for typing out reports or paperwork.

The app even works offline, which is an invaluable feature for NYHighways’ staff who often work in remote, rural locations with low connectivity.

In addition, the app can use third party machine learning and the latest AI technology, which allows automated near miss reporting, ensuring a focus upon accident prevention. Another first for a local authority highways business.

“The Connected Safety Net app slots into our operations seamlessly, allowing us to send and receive reports of incidents quickly and efficiently,” says Ross Bullerwell, Managing Director of NYHighways.


Kiely Bros, a prominent player in carriageway surfacing, surface treatments, and road marking, has partnered with Connected Safety Net to enhance safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. With a large workforce and multiple locations, Kiely Bros faced challenges in real-time on-site health and safety monitoring. Traditional paper-based methods led to inefficiencies and worker risks. To address this, Kiely Bros adopted Connected Safety Net’s cloud-based platform and mobile app, which digitised incident reporting, audits, and inspections, eliminating paper forms. This collaboration has improved worker safety, compliance management, and operational efficiency, making Kiely Bros a pioneer in innovative safety practices and contributing to sustainability.

Berry Bros. & Rudd CASE STUDY​

Connected Safety Net’s cloud-based platform and mobile app have empowered Berry Bros. & Rudd to capture critical incident data in real-time, thereby facilitating efficient investigations and action plans. The solution’s intuitive features, such as instant incident reporting, live in-app photos, speech-to-text, and GPS location capture, have proven to be invaluable tools in the pursuit of workplace safety excellence. Together, Connected Safety Net and Berry Bros. & Rudd have forged a robust and enduring partnership that exemplifies the power of innovation and commitment to employee safety. As this collaboration enters an exciting new phase, both companies are eagerly poised to continue their shared journey of making workplaces safer and more secure.

Dulsco and SaveFast Technologies Collaboration

In July 2023, SaveFast Technologies and Connected Safety Net celebrated a successful partnership in Dubai, merging training expertise from SaveFast Training Academy with advanced technology solutions from Connected Safety Net. Their collaboration has produced an innovative safety compliance platform reshaping workplace safety standards within the UAE. This platform facilitates companies in modernising safety compliance through digitalisation and automation, promoting streamlined management and a culture prioritising employee well-being. An exemplar instance of its impact is seen through the collaboration with UAE’s Dulsco, which embraced the platform to digitally transform compliance management, fostering a safety-centric ethos and creating a safer work environment, showcasing the platform’s potential.

Client Testimonials:

  • Mania Hossaini, CEO of SaveFast Training Academy, expressed her pride in the partnership, highlighting the transformative impact of the platform on safety and compliance management.
  • Antony Marke, COO – People Solutions representing Dulsco, emphasised how the collaboration aligned with Dulsco’s values and enabled them to maintain a strong safety-first culture.

Bathroom Brands Group CASE STUDY​

On August 7th, 2023, Connected Safety Net, a leading provider of innovative workplace safety solutions, announced its partnership with Bathroom Brands, a prominent name in the bathroom industry. This collaboration reflects a shared dedication to enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. Bathroom Brands Group, known for its luxury bathroom design solutions, has over 150 years of industry experience, serving various sectors globally. Their commitment to quality and partnerships makes them a trusted choice. Connected Safety Net’s advanced SaaS platform utilises AI and Machine Learning to streamline safety, risk management, and claims processes, reducing costs and preventing incidents. The alignment of Crosswater’s technology-driven approach and Connected Safety Net’s vision furthers their commitment to safety. The partnership promises to revolutionise workplace safety and efficiency through technology, leaving a significant impact on the sector.

Poundland's Success with Connected Safety Net

Poundland Retail Stores Ltd adopted the Connected Safety Net solution for two years within their distribution network, aiming to digitise safety compliance processes and improve loss time injury rates and cost impacts. Despite an initial increase in reportable incidents during the first year, they achieved a remarkable decrease in lost time hours, attributed to the utilisation of digitisation and innovative practises by the operations team. In the second year, this positive trend continued with reduced loss time hours and a significant drop in incidents and accidents, driven by a focus on near-miss reporting and prevention planning. Poundland expressed satisfaction with Connected Safety Net’s support and capabilities, recommending it for businesses seeking safety transformation. They were also pleased with the environmental impact, as the solution eliminated paper documents from operations.